Hoisting, movement, transport: electrical drive applications: this is the starting point of Tentori Enzo & C. S.r.l. and still our founding philosophy.

Since 1965, the determination to grow and to always put a step forward has widened the application range of our systems. Today, we proudly present a complete offer of hoisting and motion control electrical equipment with multibrand integration, covering the size and the complexity required by the actual market:

- Container cranes :
                   - ship to shore cranes
                   - rubber tired gantry cranes
                   - rail mounted gantry cranes

- Over head Bridge cranes:
                   - with hook
                   - with grab
                   - twin trolleys
                   - manual - automatic controls

- Jib cranes:
                   - with hook
                   - with grab

- Harbour cranes:
                   - with grab
                   - with spreader
                   - multipurpose

- Gantry cranes with jib

- Stackers and reclaimers cranes

Sectors of application of electrical drives and electrical systems:

- Maintenance
- Steel industry
- Harbour motion
- Shipyards
- cement industry
- Equipment for environment facilities


e-mail: tnt@tentori.com