Since 1965, when it was born, Tentori Enzo & C. S.r.l. made a name for itself in the field of industrial automation.
It also paid a particular attention to the surface treatment systems, developing important experiences regarding:

- Galvanic Applications:
               - Galvanisation Zinc Plating
               - Chromium Plating
               - Nickel-plating
               - Gold Plating
               - Printed Circuits
               - Etc.

- Oxidation:
               - Anodising
               - Electrocolour

- Varnishing:
               - Cataphoresis
               - Anaphoresis
               - Dipping

- Pickling:
               - Rod

- Finishing through centrifuge:
               - Drying Processes
               - Passivations
               - Colours

The main characteristic of Tentori Enzo & C. S.r.l. has always been the constant research and development of solutions that were innovative in respect with the period and its technological level.