Tentori Enzo & C. s.r.l. presents SDA, a system for the administration of environmental plants:
- treatment of waters
- treatment of muds
- treatment of polluted air
- Resins plants

The main components of SDA:
- Supervision
- Administration of the processes
- Certification of the treatment processes

SDA has been developed under Microsoft Windows according to the most recent industrial standards.
The main functions of SDA:
- Dynamic setting of the field devices
- Supervision on the process
- Data acquisition and data manager
- Real-time trend
- Diagnostics
- Alarms
- Preventive maintenance, for an enhanced efficiency of the plants
- Importing electrical schemes
- Integration with manager levels MES-ERP
- Multiple language options
- On-Line assistance
- On-Line help

SDA is based on Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server. This guarantees a safe administration of the saved informations about the process by an affordable software which is also flexible and modular.

The communication betweeen SDA and the field is supported by dedicated serial protocols or OPC.